The Dad Who Wants It All

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I’m Joe, I’m a man, I’m a son, I’m a husband, I’m a brother, I’m a friend, I’m a businessman and I’M A DAD. I also want it ALL, and I want it ALL to be perfect. Too often we are bombarded with the female driven rhetoric about the woman who wants it all.

They want a career, a husband, a family, a social life, a power wardrobe, the perfect hair, face and body and to top it all off be liked and loved along the way. Heaven forbid any one should tell them this is not possible. I am certainly in support of this pursuit of happiness, this drive to be the best you can be and the challenge of juggling all that is important and doing it with a smile.

However, where do us men stand in all of this; be us too open and forthright and we are arrogant and egotistical, be us too dismissive and expectant to have it on a plate and we are deemed to have a silver spoon in our mouths, be mummies boys. Take a career break and be a stay at home dad, we run the risk of being neutered like a dog. We simply can’t win.

We are not seen in the same light as our counterpart females, history has paved the way for us and we pay for this today. We are labelled by our past, by our genetic make-up, by the things that have made us men. We don’t have the luxury of trying to prove ourselves and our positions, break down barriers and break the mould, we build the barriers and make the moulds. We simply have to get on with it, everyday, and keep a stiff upper lip whilst we do it.

Let’s just say we don’t want to anymore, let’s just say that secretly inside we have an inner monologue that continues to run over and over again in our minds, narrating our frustrations, our sadness, our hopes and desires, no matter how silly or mundane. Would this be weakness, or would this make us in touch with our existence, connected to everything that is going on around us? The ability to be aware of ourselves and those around us is a powerful, yet under celebrated skill, I get it, I think I generally have it and with this great unspoken, (in the male world,) power comes great consequence. I am acutely aware of my failings, I’m constantly worrying about achieving the best I can, everyday, in all aspects of my life. I am, simply put, The Dad Who Wants It All.

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