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Posted in The Quarter Blog, on 22 January 2020, by , 0 Comments

As our brilliant QUARTER customers, many of you will already be aware of the benefits of shopping and dining locally but just in case you need a little more convincing, or there is someone you need to persuade, here are just a few of the reasons why more people should make the change…

Shopping or dining in your own town centre can have a massive impact on the local economy. Research has shown that just £10 spent locally can mean up to £50 more for the local economy! How? Well, think about it, take the QUARTER as an example. The more you spend in the cafe, the more supplies we need, and where do we get those from? A lot of the delicious food that we source for you comes from other local businesses – cakes from the local bakery tsp, oatcakes from local oatcake shops, you get the picture! This ripple effect means that you are actually supporting many small businesses at the same time without even realising it! Whenever you shop or dine locally, the effect will be the same; they will in turn spend more money in local shops and restaurants, circulating money throughout the community and allowing it to thrive. It’s obvious when you think about it!

Another benefit of small, independent businesses, of course, is the creation of local jobs for local people, creating a better place to live and work and contributing to healthy economic growth. Keeping people connected to their community is a key factor that should not be underestimated. A further element to this is that local businesses tend to support local charities that are relevant to the area, so the more you spend in a local shop or restaurant, the more donations will be made to the causes that matter in the area in which you live. It really is as simple as it sounds!

We mustn’t forget about the environmental impact too. If you visit local businesses to shop or dine, then you are more likely to walk, which is much better for the health of the environment around you. Choosing to walk to the local shop or restaurant, rather than drive to the big chains in the out of town areas, will have a positive impact on air pollution, traffic issues, and so on, and without meaning to sound like I’m lecturing, it will be a lot better for your health too!

The most important benefit of shopping/ dining locally, I think, is the personality that exists within these small businesses. They add character to the community and all because they are run by actual human beings, rather than boards or shareholders. They exude originality, providing a completely different experience to the big chains, and offer the shopper/diner the personal touch. A rapport is built with customers and they know what they want and need, and so provide it for them! There is also someone to talk to if something doesn’t quite go to plan, rather than a generic telephone number to call with numerous automated call options to negotiate. I suppose what I am really saying is that shopping or dining in your own town centre is simply much more fun!

By shopping or dining locally, you can have such a huge impact on small, independent businesses. You are supporting local entrepreneurs who would not otherwise have been able to get their companies started, and the more entrepreneurs we have, the healthier the economy becomes. Small businesses have begun to take the lead in innovation, their creativity moving things forward to further reflect the needs of local people, and big chains are starting to follow their lead. At the end of the day, why wouldn’t they? Who knows the local customers better than the local people who run the local businesses? They truly are the backbone of our economy, which is why, given the choice, shopping or dining locally is always the wiser option.

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