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Posted in The Quarter Blog, on 17 January 2020, by , 0 Comments

As you may or may not be aware, after Christmas we took our little Quartets on a trip across the pond to California. We had so much fun and crammed so much into the week that we came back far more exhausted than when we left!

Whilst in LA, we met up with one of our customers believe it or not – it really is a small world! David Craddock, originally from Stoke-on-Trent and a former pupil of Hanley High School, leads a vegan lifestyle and is an independent consultant specialising in employee share ownership and reward management. He established David Craddock Consultancy Services in 1997 and has since developed a varied clientele around the world. Alongside his consultancy work, David is also President and Co-Founder of publishing company Books to UPLIFT along with his fiancee Susan Smith Jones. Susan, who lives over in America, is an incredibly inspiring lady, having gained a PhD from UCLA and being a Pulitzer Prize nominated author with 33 books to her credit to date and still writing! She is even a recipient of the President’s Award (yes, the President of the USA!) for her contribution to health, physical fitness and sports in America. As a behavioural and transformational specialist and holistic health expert, Susan is a leading advocate in America and worldwide for health and wellbeing, nutrition, mindfulness and natural remedies, in her words ‘how to live successfully and create your best life in body, mind and spirit’. You can read all about how they met and the work that they do on their website www.bookstouplift.com. It really is an amazing story!

David is a regular at the QUARTER and splits his time between the UK, living locally in Biddulph, and LA. He has been telling us all about the Kreation Kafe in Brentwood, LA, somewhere he visits regularly, and so this is where we arranged our get together. It soon became clear why David and Susan love the place so much, as it blends seamlessly with their lifestyle and their whole raison d’etre. The theme of the cafe revolves around the health benefits of natural remedies and providing ‘nourishing, clean fuel for the mind, body and spirit’, a perfect fit for David and Susan.

It was, however, a little bit of a culture shock for the Quartets at first! They didn’t know what to make of it but as children do, they soon adapted and tried out all that was on offer. The first thing we were struck by was the use of iPads for menus! Can you imagine the chaos that would ensue if we were to try this in the centre of Hanley?! Brilliant that this works though, and it really does show the progressiveness of the psyche in LA that iPads being stolen isn’t even a consideration!

The ethos of the Kreation Kafe is illustrated by the fact that every single item available on the menu is made from totally organic food and optional organic beauty shots can be provided after every course if desired! Chlorophyll is added to filtered table water, which is thought to help with blood detoxification, healing, gut health, energy and general immune system support and cancer prevention.


Amethyst stones adorn every table, bringing positive energy, relieving stresses and strains, alleviating sadness and dispelling anger, fear and anxiety. They also look beautiful!

Kreation Kafe also has gender neutral toilets as the norm, so there’s no need to worry about walking into the wrong one! Joking aside, this is a definite positive for the transgender community. Everyone needs ‘to go’ and this provides the facilities without the need to first identify with a specific gender or worry about what other people might be thinking. Everyone is using the same area so it isn’t even an issue, which can only be a good thing.

Susan also very kindly brought along a gift for the girls, some colouring books designed specifically for mindfulness and positive thinking. Not just a good idea for the children either! Who doesn’t love colouring in? It’s very therapeutic. If you haven’t tried it as an adult, give it a go!

Those are just a few of the examples that we came across on our relatively short visit. A big thank you to David and Susan for taking the time to show us a bit of cafe culture from a very different perspective. Who knows, maybe we’ll incorporate some of these ideas into the QUARTER in the future!!

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