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“I keep seeing these ads on Facebook about the Tapas Night at the QUARTER, but what actually is it? I’m not really sure what it means.” You probably won’t be the only one reacting in this way to our messages about tapas. So, whilst attempting to not patronise those of you who are familiar with this style of dining, let me explain…

Tapa’ is Spanish in origin and simply means ‘a small portion’ of any kind of food, with ‘tapas’ being more than one. It originates from pre-19th Century Spain when innkeepers offered refreshment to passing travellers. Since reading and writing were more specialised skills, there wasn’t really any such thing as a menu, and so the innkeepers offered their guests small samples of the available dishes. As dinner is served very late in Spain, usually between 9 and 11pm, tapas is used to fill the gap between finishing work and eating their evening meal, hence the idea that it is a snack.


As tapas has progressed over time, more influences and ingredients have been incorporated. It can be hot, such as spare ribs, paella or baked salmon, or cold, for example, salad or olives, whatever you fancy, but the key is that the portions are smaller than usual. Tapas has now evolved to the point where it can constitute a whole meal, rather than just a snack or appetiser. This is very much what we offer on a Thursday evening here at the QUARTER. We change the entire menu for that one night a week and offer a wide and varied range of food for you to choose from to reflect this more casual style of dining. Have a look at the menu here: https://www.thequartercafe.co.uk/menu-quick-view/menu-tapas-thursdays/. You can choose a few dishes to try for yourself, or share with your friends and sample a wider variety. The choice is yours! We even provide live commercial music from the fabulous Shaun Walker to enhance your experience.


The food at the QUARTER has been described by previous guests as “stunning”, “excellent quality”, “amazing” and “the best I have ever had”!! What are you waiting for? Get yourselves booked in!

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